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I've looked online a bit but I really would love some thoughts/help/advice from the folks here. I am working on cutting back on pain meds (fusion in Aug). My body adjusts VERY fast to a kid I was on a new allergy med every season b/c they stopped helping. Because I'd waged a war with endo before the back stuff, I'd already had several meds stop helping. For the endo, I only took something once a week or so but that was enough to knock darvocet out and later vicodin stopped helping too. The back issues started summer 09 and got worse over time. I was on scheduled percocets pre-op and we knew going in that I'd need more meds than most after. I've always followed directions and taken meds under supervision.

I want to cut back. I am still in pain but I just feel the need to try to go med-free for a bit. This cannot be done cold turkey though....I did that once pre-op (with less meds) due to a mailing issue and I was VERY VERY sick. I am not getting much guidance from the doc

At my last appt, Doc said he wanted to drop the next refill of the oxycontins (the timed-release pills) to 20mg from 30. At that point, I took the 30s twice a day and 3-4 5mg percocet (oxycodone) during the day. I dropped to the 20s at the start of the month and limited the percocets to 3.

I figured it is easier to deal with the extra pain when I'm in bed so I decided to drop the PM oxycotin as of Wed. One Doc DID give the nod on the choice but didn't say much more (he has also reassured me that the meds were okay to use but does agree I should try to eliminate them slowly....but thinks patients shoudl decide how on their own). I have had HORRID shakes and felt just plain ill every night. The pain is manageable (though still rough) in comparison to the w/d. I tried a leftover Ambien last night and got about 4h before the shakes beat out the sleep aid. The only OTC I can take is Tylenol but it is really little more than a sugar pill to my body, though PMs had helped me sleep sometimes.

It is frustrating. I have always been vocal with my docs about concerns about the meds but they reassured me it was fine (and I think that was partly b/c I spoke up). I hate that the body doesn't distinguish b/w my medically needed and doc approved medicine and a recreational drug user. Doesn't feel fair (I do understand that recreational use CAN become a physical addiction and often starts w/ a prescribed is tough for ANYONE, although I do have to add in the actual pain issue to the w/d mix)

Any advice on detoxing?

Not getting help from the medical team and googling gets me lots of commercial detox centers aimed at recreational users (and amounts that make mine look tiny). I'd love tips on getting through the nights now and thoughts on the best next step. I def still have a good deal of pain (I'm predicting a good bit of lying down today....esp with PT starting 3w ago) but I cannot live on this much medicine forever, esp since I know I'd "need" more in time and need to see how I can do without it....but getting there is tough....

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