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Hi Jeffster. I was in PM for several years due to a BAD back. The past 2 years I was increased from percocet 5mg q 4hrs, then oxycodone 30mg 6x a day and my MD Closed and left with all my records. A friend of mine suggested the SUB MD,so I could work and not go into WD's. My induction was 32mg in his office, way to high a dose, which I found out from researching the med was way to high a dose. My fault for not doing the researching before, but I believed the MD, who told me I would have to be on it a year. I have spent thousands of dollars doing PT, epidurals at $10,000 each, x2 where I had to pay $4,000 for each one.
So to go back into PM I would have to start everything all over, which I can not do, still paying off past medical bills for procedures etc.
Sorry for the long post. So I was taking the dose you were on, 180mg a day.
I have decreased from 32mg to 12 mg. Now my sub MD wants me to decrease my sub dose 1mg per month. His visit is $250, takes no insurance and my insurance only pays a small portion of the subs each month, plus a UA test at $30 every month. I don't care that he checks my urine, did it every month in PM. He told me to stay on the 12mg daily until after the holidays, then start tapering again. I think I can decrease faster, but can not be in WD, and have to work. I am addicted to the subs as it has been about 8 months since I started. My question to you to pick your brain is, what do you think about decreasing my dose 2mg per month. I've read and researched for the past several months, and all I hear about is the horror storys. People being on it for years. I do not want to get high, never did on my oxy's, never abused the med, and I had a much better quality of life.
Now I have to go to bed at 7pm I'm in so much pain, day starts at 4:45am.
You sound very positive, which gives me hope that someday I can taper off of subs, see where I am with NO MEDS in me, and then decide what to do next.
Again, sorry for the long post.
What do you think??
Thanks for any advice.

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