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[QUOTE=zoiegrace;4898954]P. S. 1/6 of 8mg tab or film, or 2mg. Subs are just as hard or harder to get off than MS Contin due to the long half live, 37hrs

This shouldn't be true in most cases. Again, everyone is different, but the fact that the drug has a longer half-life, and most importantly, that it is only a PARTIAL agonist rather than a full agonist. Suboxone should be much easier to quit than the full agonists. Again, everyone is different, and it's likely not going to be painless.

As an aside, the only two people I know who used Suboxone both quit with relative ease. One was slightly uncomfortable for about a week (not sick enough to take off work) and the other had zero problems at all after tapering sufficiently.

Again, everyone is different, and your mileage may vary, but partial agonists with long half-lives like Suboxone should be about the easiest quitting process you're going to get with opiates.

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