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Thankyou Kat, I really appreciate your encouragement <3

As of now I'm on my fourth day without taking a benzo and I'm having pretty common physical withdrawal effects: blurry vision, brain fog (and its pretty foggy I tell you), strange aches and sensations.. etc etc.. etc etc... list goes on for probably 100+ other symptoms. The interesting thing is that my body is not telling me that it wants more ativan. It's telling me to run the hell away from it :P I almost feel like ignoring any taper plan whatsoever and simply going cold turkey. This may or may not be the worst idea though.

I counted and I have taken 21 pills in total in the past 6 weeks. So I guess it may.. MAY be possible for me to simply stop taking it and have no bad lasting side effects as a result. Crossing my fingers.

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