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[QUOTE=Grace817;4921079]Hi everyone,

I posted here a few times about some issues I was having with my ankle along with tapering off vicodin before my surgery (well before I knew it would goto surgery). I tapered off in the beginning of November (was on about 20mg hydro a day) and it wasn't a walk in the park but wasn't too bad. Anyways to make a long story short I had surgery January 18 and since then have been prescribed vicodin for the pain (at first they gave me percocet but they made me SO itchy and wide awake). I have been taking them every 6 hours but the pain is lessening and I won't need them soon. I am dreading the withdrawal. My question is...if I ask my dr to taper or wean me off do you think they will be open to this or just say to suck it up and deal with the withdrawal? Until just a few days ago I was taking about 6-8 5mg vicodin. Now I am taking around 4 a day and only have about 10 left. Any advice or way to approach my dr is appreciated. Thank you![/QUOTE]
All I can tell you is your being smart to stop the opiates. I had 3 back surgeries and stayed on Lotabs/vocodin for 2 just so happens that today is day 6 of o tabs...if I can make it so can u! Well i hope to make it. I will.

But I have read numerous posts here about meds a dr can prescribe..notably when u tell him/her that you KNOW u have a propensity for addiction, pain is pain and u r right to use the meds in my opinion...but if the pain is gone why stay on the meds? Because the meds make u think u need to? Thats what it feels like to me. Just do it!

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