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[QUOTE=zoiegrace;4926432]flytheflag, welcome and God bless you man. you need to stock up immodium, take 4 at bedtime, and during day too as needed, hot bath with epson salts.
drinks lots of fluids. Do u have any comfort meds short term?? benadryl for sleep, xanex, to get you thru the worst, your half way thru or more.
klonipin is a BP med, but also helps the heebie jeebies.
keep posting and others will come along to help you.
with respect and admiration,
your not alone
ps, what med do you have in the little bottle??[/QUOTE]
thanx for the encouragement. so far so good. Little bottle on dresser has 30 or so lortab 7.7's and 10's. I just kind of look at it, i am one of those "dare me" kind of people...the more something tries to get to me the more i fight back...its the getting to the fighting back point that's been a slow burn

For anxiety ( I guess) the doc gave me some Buspar (sp?), not sure if that was for PTSD or what, but it said for anxiety on the label...actually the veterans administration are kind of pill pushy, thats how i got here in the first place...well severe pain and herniated discs from some stuff.
anyway I just decided my brain was a little off on the Lortab...and even worse on the percoset. day 6 today without any.

and what the HECK is up with the diarrhea? its almost as if my guts are happy and relaxed LOL, oh well, small price to pay i spose, besides i have a few pounds to lose LOL...but yes staying hydrated

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