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Thanks Phoenix for responding. I think I got from your response that you think I meant the pain from my injury is hurting more and more. That isnt my issue at all. My arm injury hurts, yes, but the pain I am talking about is a different kind of pain. It is all over my body. As if I began an exersize program for the first time in my life and every muscle hurts. My body hurts more than my arm now, so the pain pills I am taking are helping that more.

Now comes my embarassing part, which I cant seem to find anyone else on this forum that has had this happen. Many months ago I went to my gastro doc because I hadnt gone BM in a long time. He told me it was probably from the pain meds because that is when it began. He took an xray and my whole colon was full. I left with a routine of taking pills and drinks to get me to go. From that time on, I never really went, like before the pills, but thought.. "I guess that is what all this stuff I am taking must be doing" 2 weeks ago, I began to have problems with eating and drinking, went back to him, and I guess my colon was still full. He tried more stuff, which didnt work and last Friday my doc told me to meet him in the ER. After the regular methods of trying to empty someone, which didnt work at all, I had to have a procedure done to evacuate my colon. They didnt empty me altogether (which i dont know why). I was told to then keep on my routine of taking the pills and drinks and I should be fine. They said that for the past few months, the stuff in my colon was just stuck and getting harder and harder, so when I drank anything or took pills, all it did was go around this blockage.Well it is now Tuesday and I havent gone since I got home. I have to go back to see him Thursday, and am so afraid of what is wrong.

I know it is the pain meds, but how on earth do I stop them when I am in such pain. And even though I read on here how so many do it Cold Turkey, I am not able to do that, I am too weak and have previously gone through a benzo detox and swore I would never do it again. I need to slowly wean off of it, and I cant find any posts where someone says how they did it. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. Please someone share a slow weaning schedule with me. I dont take too much at all, but when I hit hour 6 or 7 I am watching the clock. I take 3 (10/375) of oxy and wont allow myself to take them any sooner than 6 hours and mostly shoot for 8 hours. My pain escalates and I feel like crap till that darn clock says its time to take one. I need to SLOWLY wean off my pain meds so my intestines can get back to normal. I had a blockage in 2005 and am so afraid. Please Please someone show me the way you did it slowly.

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