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Hi Succotash! Welcome!
I can't remember which us the longest acting , but I guess your doctor's feeling is that Valium lasts longer so you will have to take less. But please keep in mind Valium is habit forming too. You dont wanna just be changing pills but keeping the problem the same, ya know?
Make sure to ask your doctor lots of questions so you know exactly what you are taking and the side effects. If you have trouble remembering all your questions at the appointment, write them down.
I have anxiety issues but I take Effexor. It works so well for me and it's an SNRI not a benzo. You could ask your doctor about other types of mess to help you? I take clonapin only when I have extreme anxiety/ panic attack, but my situation is well managed and I hardly need them, and I'm on a low effexor dose.
Keep in mind meds like Effexor are not a cake walk to come off of either, but it may be something to talk to the doctor about if you want benzos out of your life but still want/ need to treat your anxiety with medication.
Good vibes!

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