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Hi everyone, Butrans, subutex, suboxone, are all the same, buprenorphine.
It is also a very addicting drug, and you must taper off or you will go into full blown withdrawals. The person who is taking, please taper off the vics, and don't start the subs. It is very difficult to get off of. But if you still want to get high, then taking the subs will work, just know the kick from subs, is alot worse than decreasing your dose of vics. You need to be WD if you go from vics to subs.
This is IMO only, and thu my experience, as I was started out at 32mg of suboxone, insane high dose, and I am paying the price and trying to get off.
Been tapering for 6 months.
Suboxone has worked for many people and kept them from doing drugs, everyone is different, so you will read many experiences.
Wishing you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do for YOU.
I think it is just according to what your really wanting to do. If your wanting to get " high" but just nit have the withdrawals then none of its probably gonna work. If your wanting to get clean & stay clean, you can get on suboxone from a doctor & he will give you time to get a lot of the other stuff out of your system & then slowly taper you down on the suboxone. Who cares how long you stay on the suboxone if it doesnt make you high, keeps your body from craving other drugs & you can function & live a happy life! There is a way if someone makes up their mind because sooner or later you will get tired of the merry go round of drugs, lies & having to sneak around! Best of luck. & god bless

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