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[QUOTE=kendub;4936207]Yes to Butrans. You need someting to stop the cravings, Butrans worked great for me in a dexox setting and after I left. I started at 10mcg and eventally tapered to 5mcg. I left the detox program with the 5mcg patch and the plan was to stay with it for at least a year, however the detox program went bad and I had to leave before the year was up. I ended up with a good shrink that works with ex-addicts and he has me doing well, however I do take Subutex 2mg twice a day along with anti-depressants and I am fine. My doctor believes that some prople with long term depression and addiction issues can use a small dose of opiates along with anti-depressants to help them with depression, it works for me. I do not get high from Subutex, somtimes I forget to take it and I have no idea that I forgot to take it untill the next dose. I have no desire or craving for opiates and my depression is very miminal.[/QUOTE]

A very close relative of mine was addicted to pain pills, Xanax , this went on for years until finally he called me one day & said I can't do this anymore.There was a doctor close to us that said they help in detox, he went that day & they put him on suboxone. & clonodine for 5-6 days. It definitely helped him with the withdrawals , but as you know the rest is pretty much up to the individual. I know some people say its trading one drug for another. But he now takes a lit lower dose of suboxone & nothing else! He does not get " high" from it , he's been working at the same job for 2 1/2 jobs & is just like a different person!! When he first started it after about 2 months he thought he would just quit it- boy he had some bad withdrawals, the doctor told him nit to ever just stop cold turkey! He has slowly been tapering him way down, in fact his dr. told him now it's mainly psychological now. Good luck & don't give up- find you a good doctor that understands addiction.

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