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Hi & Happy Leap Day,

I have been lurking around enough to know that this is the place to go for some really good here goes my first post:

Just started Methadone yesterday, today I am at 30mg tommorow I can go up to 40, then 50 on Firday. I will have to stay at 50 through the weekend then if Im still dope sick I can be seen by the doctor. (The nurse can raise me 10mg a day until 50, you have to have Dr. clearance to go above 50 they said). I assume this is standard?

Ok so in addition to being addictied to opiates I was also taking xanax...not really heavily...sometimes up to 2mg-3mg/ day....but every day. When I told them they said absolutely do not mix taking methadone with xanax that I will die. So I was too scared to take any yesterday....

Today though I am going into major panic mode. My heart is racing and I having terrible panic attacks every couple of hours. Blood pounding the works. I am still not up to the theraputic dose of methadone yet either as I am still having mild withdrawls although today I was uped from 20 to 30 mg so its a *little* better.

Anyway my question is: Is it literally going to kill me to take like half a xanax? I feel like I am in benzo withdrawl now more so than opiate. I mean if I have a tolerance of 4 times what I take how bad could it be?

Anyone able to take xanax with methadone and live to tell the tale?

I kinda had the feeling they were trying to scare me into getting off them as the other people (the old timers) in the waiting room all rolled their eyes when they heard them tell me it was fatal.

Thanks for any help...I hope to be in your shoes one day and able to lend advise on how to cope with such a difficult time but for now I am at sitting at rock bottom just trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

NOTE:I have got to get clean and turn my life around or I will lose everything that means anything to me so Im not doing this to get high. I want to just be able taper myself off the xanax and make this leveling of the methadone a little eaiser.

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