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I agree with zoiegrace. I was on suboxone for addiction to fentenyl and vicodin. I was on the suboxone for about 3 years. I went from 16mg to 1 mg taper. I, also, thought it was a miracle drug. Let me tell you that the longer you stay on it, the harder it is to get off of. It is bone soluable, like methadone and fentenyl. Meaning, it has a loonnng half-life. Meaning the withdrawls last longer. I have been off suboxone for a year and a half, and I still have intermittent withdrawl symptoms. This is not to discourage anyone from taking this for addiction, however, be careful. It is MANY times stronger than morphine and very very addictive. In my experience, being on it for a short time is best unless you are unable to stay clean and plan on being on it for life. I hope you stay clean and are successful. I can relate, as I would have done anything to get off the patches and vicodin. I was on them for ten years....Addiction is so hard. Prayers to you.

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