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I, too, was on ultram.(and everything under the sun) For pain prescribed by a pain management doc. I do understand how you feel when you don't take them. Even though they aren't classified as a "true" opiate, they work the same on your receptors in your brain. If you truly need them for pain, that's one thing, and if you're taking them as prescribed. Getting off of them is just as hard as getting of percs or vics unfortunately..... Also, you stated the pain gets worse without them. You could be getting rebound pain, maybe ask your doc if that could be the case. Also, 50mg 8x a day seems like an awfully high dose. Ususlly they don't like to go over 200mg a day, as it could be dangerous. That's what my doctors all told me. I have 4 nurses in my family and they said the same thing. Be careful.
Hi Veno, sorry to tell you MDs don't know crap. Ultram or tramadol is very addicting and if you are taking 400mg a day, you are addicted.
You may get rebound pain, pain that is worse when you miss a dose. If you NEED the pain med, take it. it's the same as taking a narcotic. Mds will say its not, but read and you will find many people addicted.
I was in PM, I didn't take the pain med to get high, just to survive and live a "normal" life. Not sure what you question is. If you've been in PM and need it, thats one thing. If you are taking it for other reasons, thats a decision you must make. Do you want off? if not continue with your MD.
Wishing you the best and post when, why etc and more people can help.

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