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Re: Drug history
Nov 3, 2011
[QUOTE=zoiegrace;4872084]mshaw1983, Hi there. Your story gave me hope. I'm trying to taper from subs, the films, from 8-10 mg daily. Started at 32mg, way to high, relaspsed x2 and want off everything. My sub doc says 1mg every 2 weeks. He won't give me the pill subs, or subutex. Was your taper painless without WD's? Quess I want it fast, painless and over.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The expense is unreal.
Is going from 12mg to 8mg to big a drop??.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

Well, I was using the sub pills, but right now I have a long-time friend who I begged to get off of oxy (he began shooting them, which I never did, still I was snorting anywhere from 100-300mg/day) and he is now using the strips. His dr recommended tylenol pm as the only thing to take for sleep, but you might wanna look at benedryl for that. As far as the pain and w/d, yes I did experience this from suboxone w/d, but was most always after I lay down to sleep at night. I think that was when I was trying to skip days, but after telling myself "do not take sub, go as long as you can", but remember one time specifically that I gave in at 2am and broke off about 1/16-1/8 of a pill and fell asleep. To answer your question to the best of my ability, THERE IS NO FAST/PAINLESS way to quit, unfortunately. Although, 1mg every 2 weeks seems crazy to me... I don't even know how you prescribe that... Maybe I read your post wrong... 12mg dropped to 8mg is no big deal at all, but I'd need to know your full story before giving my best opinion. I wanna say in the beginning, my dr prescribed 3 8mg pills/day, but I was selling/giving away a lot of those and I can't remember ever taking more than 12mg in a full day. 95% of the time for the 1st few months, I took 8mg/day. The thing about suboxone is that it lasts for a long time - even 8mg - so a lot of it is in your head, but I'd recommend trying 8mg/day and being active in your life and doing things that you did before opiates, whether it be exercise, learning music, school, whatever... Just stay busy and focus on new things to better your quality of life. And never forget to be honest with yourself and say "I am an addict and even if I'm not taking opiates, I will always be an addict so I must keep my guard up" and be passionate about it because it obviously means a lot to you, otherwise, you wouldn't be on this site. I like the first post on this thread, tapering 10% every 2 weeks, but I wanted to give my story and how I relapsed many times. The key to when you slip up and give in one day, you can't get down on yourself and begin using again. Just "man-up" and tell yourself "ok, i got high, but it was wrong.. and tomorrow will be different and I will continue my journey of sobriety." How long have you been on subs and how long were you using opiates? What opiate specifically? Amount daily? Taken orally/snorting/shooting? .... This is the hardest addiction to kick, but people kick it every day... I'm not a basketball fan, but the espn true story film "ungurarded" was so inspiring... Check out this video, its very inspiring for opiate addicts.

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