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About four years ago, I had a tibial rodding (which required my knee to be dislocated in order to get the rod through the med. cavity), screws put in place, and an osteotomy to fix an osteoid osteoma-stricken area and restructure my tibia due to constant fractures and stress. After the surgery, I was on oxycodone for the summer. Right away, I needed the medication because the pain was so intense, but I was still in my teens so I healed fairly quickly. However, the pain resided for about two months total...I had a 3-4 month supply of oxy though. After the pain was gone, I took the oxy anyway because of its 'good mood' factor. I became addicted over the course of just a few weeks, and forcing myself off the medication was extremely tough. I started withdrawing by only taking it once a day, then every other day, and then stopped. Yes, you are going to experience anxiety and irribility, but it is well worth a clear mind and reduced dependancy because it really does consume your life. Medication is supposed to administor to your not allow your needs to be administored by the medication.
The best of luck to you and just know that IT CAN BE DONE! Its tough, but in only a few days after withdrawing completely your attitude will get much better! I have great faith in anyone who is willing to stop allowing addiction run their life!

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