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Re: Methadone detox
May 30, 2012
I posted back in mid May on my journey with a slow detox from 7 years Methadone. Had read many posts on here where people detox quickly and then are back using again in weeks or months. I tried addiction specialists, fast detox, etc. Finally, about 2 years ago I began slowly tapering from 50 mg. 1-3 mg every few weeks. Have been completely clean of Methadone for the last 6-7 weeks. No longer waking up with WD pains, or knowing I have to take a pill to feel normal. I do have help with family doctor as he gave me Valium to take the edge off. My wife and I flushed the remaining methadone pills down the toilet a few days ago to kind of put closure on this long process. Still have to remind myself every day that I dont need to put something in my mouth to get a feeling of well being, buzz, etc. Slow taper worked for me so far, and I thought I would never get off this stuff two years ago. Give it a try, as you can maintain a pretty normal work/daily schedule and achieve a huge goal. Be patient.

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