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Just say hi to everyone, hope everyone is doing good and are having a safe sobert long weekend,,,alittle update on myself, tomorrow saturday i am picking up my 1 take home bottle of methadone for my sunday dose, i worked very hard to be trusted to beable to get my first bottle, thank you to everyone for being there for me to listen to me vent when i need to. i also had a bad day myself yesturday morning...i'll explain,,,while at my clinc yesturday morning while i was in a meeting with my therpist there was a knoock on the door someone poped there head in and asked by chance does anyone drive a **** car? i said yes why, they said sorry to tell you but someone hit your car..ughhhh!!! this girl was driving a ford 150...way too big for her,,,but any ways she tryied to pull her truck in the parking spot next to me and slamed into my bumper and just kept pulling in, she hit my car pretty hard dented my bumper a nice big dent on both side of my fender around my back tire and then a nice big long dent scratch all the way from the back to the front side of my car all on my drivers side, my back door does not open and shut right now. needless to say no one got hurt, she has insurance, i did call the cops i wanted a report done, my car is only 2 years old i'm still paying on it. talk about being mad!!!! i was seeing red. so while i was on the phone with the cops she also called the police and said to hurry she was scared for her life,, so i was told to stay away from her, it was an oder!!!lol...i can laugh now but at the time i was seeing red. my therpist came outside and she kept saying be thankful you know who did it, if i was at the market this could of happened and the peron could of just left...and be thankful that my car is still driveable, which it is just looks like crap. my therpist also said this is what called a high class problem, at first i didn't understand what she met untill she explained that when you get clean you become resonable and you end up having issue/problems that you wouldn't if i wasn't clean,,,but i thought about it and when i was using very heavly i drove all over the place with no insurance i always thought i wouldn;t get caught,,,never mind that i had a **** load of pills on me too...the only thing that really rubed me the wrong way was the girl was talking to other people about it laughing like...hahahah ya i ****** up and i hit her parked car,,, are you kiding me ya i kept yelling at her i was so my therpist was trying to calm me down saying some people when they are scared deal with things differently like laughing and joking unlike me i lash out, she younger just let it go, and then i was reminded that i was there to sign off on my papers to get my take home bottle and she didn' wanna see me loose my bottle before i was ever even given it...ok then after that we wnt to the atm took out $100.00 bucks, nope atm only gave us,( me and my hubby) $40.00, the other bills i could see up in meachine but i couldn't bet it out, i told the person working at the store and she said nothing she can do to call the number on the atm, so that's what i did, the person on the phone said she would note her account and that i need to call my bank and file a claim. so that's what we did, i was told they have 10 bunisses days to decide what they are going to do. but untill then i'm now $60.00 short because the whole 100.00 says on my slip came when it rains it pours. so that is all my ****** good news i'm now trusted with 1 take home, that's a very big deal i don't have to wake up early on sunday and drive 30 mins to get my meds, and in 60 days i can put in for my second bottle so things are looking up...did i tell you all that i got a new client at work too???? so i am now going from working 18-20 hours a week now tp 30... so my bad things balance out with my good...i guess,,,thanks all for listening to me rant about all my ups and down. time to do the dinner dishes...frolst my daughter b day cake, she turns 15 2mrw, and roll smokes....enough of a puter break for me hehehe, hey it feel like a extra therpy session at times, i just don't get interupted and asked did that make you feel..????? lol...untill next time....peace...Heidi
ok, i have my coffee now so maybe i can get through this. while im very grateful that this suboxone is doing everything that i was told and hoped it would, the only problem i am having is this.... I HAVE NOT SLEPT SINCE TUESDAY! i took melatonin last night and about a half hour later i was starting to doze off watching tv so i went to bed. i never was able to fall asleep. it doesn't make me restless or make me toss and turn, or make it hard to get comfortable or anything like that, i just never fall asleep. i am able to lay there and rest so at least there is that. but i cant keep going like this. i have a 15 month old! and he doesnt care if i slept or not. lol! im going to get some valerian root today and try that. i am so tired. and as you all know, being tired makes everything a hundred times worse than it actually is. thank god my son is such an easy baby. he never cries unless he hurt himself, plays well alone, and is just generally a happy baby. he dont like me holding him anymore though....wish he did. anyway, did this happen to you heidi? what did you do to help it if it did? i told my doctor but he doesnt like to prescribe stuff for sleep. not yet he said. i should give the meds time to adjust. which is understandable, so ive been trying natural stuff. i cant take anything like ambien anyway because it makes me hallucinate. like really nightmarish hallucinations! ty and i are leaving today to go meet my folks and my one sister and her husband and their kids at the camping grounds they are at til monday. its only 30 minutes from me so im not staying the night but i was looking forward to tyler having a good day just running around and swimming, and me playing with him. i just wanted today to be all about him having fun and now i am so exhausted i dont even feel up to going. im going to go anyway. my other sister, katie, is driving so at least i dont have to do that. oh well. i suppose this is one of those problems like you had heidi! what my therapist refers to as a luxury problem. if i were still using, i wouldnt even be considering going. so boo hoo me, right? now that i posted it out, i feel a little better. it helped me to put it in perspective. ty and i will have a good day and hopefully i'll be so exhausted tonight that i fall out when my head hits the pillow!

heidi, i am so sorry to hear about your car. however, kat, as usual, is spot on! at least she had insurance, you know who did it, and its drivable until you get it fixed. it is a real pain in th a** though. and a major eye sore im sure. im just glad you werent in the car and that you werent hurt.

everyone have a great holiday weekend. be sure to thank a veteran! :bouncing:
that is excatly what my therpist called it a luxury problem...when my car got's funny how they all seam to use the same terms...ok i thought about and yes sleep was an issue, i was put on trazadone 100mg then upto's a antidepressant.....but a side effect was sleepyness...i would take it at night and 30 mins later i was knocked out...i also tired ambien awhile back and lunesta neither mixed well with me, and they can be abused...but that's what my doc did...i 4 got all about being put on that at the time, and i actua;;y was just weaned off of worked wonders for me...have a goos day all...Heidi

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