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Re: Hello
Jun 25, 2012
[QUOTE=Tysmom1;5006484]The first thing I wanted to say was that in my experience, anxiety and stress were the first things to return when i ran out of pills. And they were "through the roof" also. Even if I didn't have many or any stressors going on at the time. So, depending on your situation, this could very well be from the lack of lortabs in your system or percocet. I know that my anxiety would go away within 20 minutes of taking a painkiller. So, yes, it could be just that.

Second, you are absolutely right in saying that addiction is addiction. You are very wise to cut it off at the knees if you know that this could potentially be a problem for you later on down the road. I think you are being very responsible about this, and for that I applaud you. I could never do it. If I had 2 bottles of ANY pain killer sitting anywhere, they would be gone in a heartbeat. The fact that you feel better knowing that they are "just there" does suggest somewhat of a psychological dependance in my opinion. But that doesn't mean I'm right. I would address your concerns with your doctor and see what they say. A lot of this weighs heavily on your personality and history. If you don't mind me asking, do you have an addictive personality? And do you have any history of substance abuse or alcohol abuse? I believe the answer to these two questions makes a difference in whether you need to be worried about this.

And Kudos to you for wanting to find out!!!!!![/QUOTE]

Oh Kelly thanks so much for responding. I have been going out of my mind refreshing this page waiting to hear back from someone!
Addiction runs in my family.
When I first found out about the anemia I had a moment where I thought I was done with all the toxins I was putting in my body. I quit the lortab and caffeine and still have the nicotine to go. I would say yes I do have an addictive personality, hard to admit. Deep down inside I think I knew that I could very easily become addicted that is why I kept it in check, that and my fear of overdosing. Seeing people around me die from pills was enough for me.

No alcohol nor drug abuse. Looking back now though I did take the pain pills when I didn't absolutely have to it just became more of something that I felt I needed. Then came the point when the high didn't feel good like it was before and I wasn't this happy go lucky bubbly high person. Then the anemia and like I said I was feeling so crappy I was actually afraid that taking a Lortab would send me into panic because I would be "feeling weird" and not be able to handle it. Does that even make sense? Now that I'm off them and still feeling funny, stressed, and like I'm pretty much losing my mind I am just so close to taking them again just to make it go away or have a reason to feel funny.

On top of that I'm dealing with this back pain on my own now. Not taking anything for it including OTC meds just because I'm so sick of the damn pills.

It very well could be a psychological thing, would make sense. My mind and my body are not working well together at all lately.

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