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Help 29hours into norco withdrawal 10/325 10 pills/day..... Also addicted to Ativan but the last time I tried quitting Ativan I had a grand mal seizure, bashed in my skull pretty good when my head hit the counter before hitting the floor... Think I might try inpatient detox (for the benzo) after I kick the norco on my own. Ni was also drinking a bottle of wine per night up til I had the seizure about a year ago..... Dr.s told me I was slowly killing my self. I don't think my body is absorbing minerals etc any longer. I am wasting away;(

Question here is- is it normal for feet to feel cold and dead during withdraw . Every fiber of my body hurts....trigemenal neuralgia will KIll me with no pain relief I just know these drugs have ruined my digestive system and probably added to the creation of some of my brain lesions, I dunno. My neurologist prescribed neurontin for my seizures (partial, focal mostly) I hadn't started cuz knew I wanted to get off the other .....

So far thr withdrawal from norco is textbook from what I've read on this wonderful board. I'm starting the Neurontin cuz I read it could ease WD symptoms and help the headbproblem. What can I do to make this more bare able ? My husband is ok but not genuinely sympathetic, he's sick of me being sick..... Anyway I'm trying most of the vitamins supplements suggested b others but I feel like I'm dieing,...... What else might help? Any ideas to mange my pain as this med leaves my system. Sorry I'm rambling ... I haven't slept much in th 29 hours I've been off the Norc!

Love you, each and every one of you!

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