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Hi, I am a 26 year old female with chronic pain disorders and have been subscribed Soma. I have never had a medication before that made me want to get high off of it and I have been RX'd everything you can think of for my pain and also for anxiety, codeine, vicodin, norco, valium, ativan, flexeril the list goes on but when I took Soma I felt so...euphoric. now I have to take more and more and i have gone through a lot emotionally as well such as an infidelity in my marriage, a misscariage and death of 2 loved ones in the past year alone. The Soma makes me feel good and forget and then I started drinking with it too. I have been drinking and taking way more Soma than I should for 6 months now and also take Cymbalta for nerve pain. I am so worried I am hurting or have already hurt my organs. I hate myself for this I never thought I would do this sort of thing. I have tried to stop half heartedly a few times but go right back to it. I need support from people who understand. I have already told a close friend what I have been doing and told her to keep me accountable and tomorrow I am throwing out my alcohol. Have I caught this early enough to kick it on my own? Do you think I already destroyed my liver/kidneys etc? I am so terrified of living tomorrow without the high from the soma and alcohol.

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