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14 a day is VERY DANGEROUS because that is borderline on overdosing. The max I take a day is 4-6. Lortabs are very strong and the side affects can be heavy...IF your taking care of your grandkids...ITS A BAD idea to be on narcotic pain meds because IT DOES impair your thinking and motor skills. I took 1 lortab and tried to drive and almost got into an accident because my reaction time was to slow because of the pills. I know all about addiction to lortabs, it ismt easy to come off them cold tureky BUT you can do it, i promise. It will be hard but GET A SUPPORT SYSTEM and it will be easier to come off of. I spent 4wks at my best friends detoxing from them and yes the withdraws sucked but your risking the life of your grandkids while on those to things and IF you were to get pulled over by a cop YOU WILL go to jail for driving under the influence even though you have a rx for them. Since your taking so many a day my best advice is to seek professional help to get through the detoxing stage. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via inbox. I still take tabs but I am more carfull about them now because I dont want to WD again like last time. IT SUCKED LOL but with HELP you CAN AND WILL get through it.

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