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[QUOTE=XBOX4EVR;5030636]I've been on norco since around 2008 was taking Vicodin on and off in 2007 was taking up to 4 a day in 08 and 09 dropped myself down to 2 a day in around 10 and have been on 2 ever since I finally got tired of the dependency on it and I'm willing to deal with my pain with Motrin.

My problem is fatigue, it's been 13 days since I've been off and the fatigue is insane. I'm only 32 but when I wake up in the morning I do good for 4 - 5 hours and I get hit with a blast of fatigue and I can barely move is this part of the withdraw phase. I'm not really to abnormally depressed just depressed about being blasted with fatigue I wasn't taking a insanely high dose of pain meds but is it becAuse of how long I took them is the reason why im still struggling? I'm overall doing great getting plenty of sleep and pain isn't doing to bad its just the fatigue is killing me please for anyone that has gone through this Is this withdraw process and how does it last? In all the years I took it I always took it how prescribed so I've never withdrawn or went without a pill for years.[/QUOTE]

13 days is really not a long time but you should be starting to feel better. You did not say if you were taking any supplements to increase your energy? I am in day 11 and have done this before. The 10 days prior to going cold I took 115 percocet and 25 lortabs. That is when I knew I had to quit, but I did it with a plan because like I say been here before. I drink Ensure at least twice a day to make sure I get enough vitamins. I exercise whether I feel like it or not bacuse it boosts my energy and I drink caffeine drinks. I know a lot of people talk against caffeine during WD's but for some reason it helps with my headaches and boosts my energy. I'm still not where I want to be but I am better than I was and getting better everyday. This is just my experience I am certainly no expert!

Good Luck and keep us posted!

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