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<WOW!> What a mess. Hmmm... When I first saw this particullar topic, here, I was shocked. Mainly because I had never really heard of such a thing. I did state that I was currious AND that I meant no ill-will to anyone. Apparently, it seem's like most of ya'll responded rather defensively, taking what I had written, perhaps, as an uneducated attack[?]. Either way, I think, maybe, some of ya'll should probobly read it again, and a little slower even. Like I said, my interest of this topic caught the attention of my curriosity. BUT, since I am here, again, I feel a need to clarify some thing's here... a little lesson 101 or somethin'. [Then maybe when , if you do, re-read what I had written, ya'll might have a different reaction] Ok, first on the list goes to: Jester- You wrote..."I don't know if it is necessarily the chemicals in the marijuana, or if it is strictly the
habit, but I was addicted.
I believe that cocaine is just as natural as pot!

I am also addicted to biting my nails, and cracking my knuckles, are you going to tell me
that I am not really addicted to that as well. --- Habit & addiction:2 words most commonly mistaken to mean the same thing. Unfortuneately, for some of ya'll, they are 2 completely different things. The only thing these words have in common is that 'addiction' IS used as slang for the word 'habit'. HABIT- an action or behavior pattern that is regular, repetitive, and often unconscious /
somebody's attitude or general disposition. ADDICTION- a state of physiological or psychological dependence on a drug liable to have a damaging effect. [It also mean's 'devotion to...'. And, yes, I'm afraid that biting your nails & knuckle cracking is not an addiction, that is, of course, unless you are DEVOTED to doing those things constantly..out of devotion.] It is nothing more than a habit. Take note, my friend's... addiction fact's- psychologically dependent /the person using drugs feels they cannot cope or face the
world unless they are under the influence of drugs. This form of dependency has more
to do with the people using the drug rather than about the particular drug they are taking.
.... Physical dependency results from the repeated, heavy use of drugs
Heavy and continual use of these drugs can change the body chemistry so that if someone
does not get a repeat dose they suffer physical withdrawal symptoms - the shakes, flu like
effects. They have to keep taking the drug just to stop themselves from feeling ill.
Continual use of drugs like cannabis, ecstasy and LSD does not result in physical
dependency, even though people may become psychologically dependent. And since we are on the addiction topic, I would like to comment on the response from: dreamer- You had said:..."anyone that thinks that any behavior can't become addictive doesn't know addiction." Well, I'm just gonna be open with ya'll, OH~ I do KNOW addiction, all to well, not only from illegal drugs, but prescription drugs. I think what may be you were tryin to say was that people get "addicted" to whatever & can't control it? That would resemble a behavioral problem, similar to that of O.C.D., which is nothing more than a really freaky habit, a routine. I am not addicted to getting dressed in the mornings, but it is a habit of mine to do so. Ok, now on to Tricky... You had stated that pot is "addictive just like other drugs its a psychological or psychosomatic addiction...
Which by the way is way worse than a physical addiction. I appriciate your
doubtful attitude, but it is in error and trying to explain addiction." Take note: psychological- relating to the mind or mental processes**psychosomatic- mentally induced/
used to describe a physical illness that is caused by mental factors such as stress, or the effects related to such illnesses. Involving both the mind and body. Ever hear the saying, "Mind over matter"? , it's gonna be physically related to ya. All 3 are of equal measure. So, in trying to correct this "error;of explaining addiction", I thouht I'd be more specific. You had also mentioned..." Besides pot is as bad as tobacco on your lungs." Yet, another "error". Actually, media put's that in ya'll's head's, but in all actuallity, the ONLY thing that has been proven time & time again, is that if you smoke extremely LARGE quantities of it, in an enclosed area,ie; room, garage,car..., the only thing that's gonna get ya & hurt you is the carbon monoxide gasses, usually just causing minor bronchitus or infection. It doe's nothing to ya, other than the monoxide, so it doesn't fall under the same class of lung probs/disease as cig's do. Ok, and grand finally here, just to educate ya'll on a few things that were mentioned by some of you,... Cocaine is NOT a natural drug, even though it does come from a plant, but it is chemically enhanced...not natural. : cocaine-
an addictive narcotic drug
chemical make-up: C17 H21 NO4.....** POT- pot
the dried flowers and leaves of the Indian hemp plant, smoked or eaten as a drug
a drug produced in various forms from the dried leaves and flowers of the hemp plant,
smoked or chewed. Its recreational use is illegal in most countries.
There is no physical dependence associated with cannabis use. Regular users who stop
smoking do not suffer withdrawal symptoms in the same way as with drugs like heroin.
Even so regular users can become psychologically dependent
Someone who uses cannabis excessively may appear apathetic, lack energy and motivation
and perform poorly at their work or education. This state may carry on for weeks after
stopping use of the drug. However, such a condition seems rare and is similar to what would
be expected from someone who drinks too much or regularly uses tranquillisers. ** Narcotic's & Chemical's-
a drug, especially one derived from opium, that has effects ranging from mild dulling of
the senses, pain relief, and sleep, to stupor, coma, and convulsions. Most narcotics are addictive. to induce drowsiness, sleep, or stupor, or alter mental states through its chemical properties

produced by or involved in the processes of chemistry
composed of or involving the use of chemicals
A chemical has a defined atomic or molecular structure that results from, or takes part in,
reactions involving changes in its structure, composition, and properties. Ok, if you've made it this far, than you actually gave a *@!$# to learn something truthfull, or to just refresh your memory. I will never & have never said or written anything meant to be taken as fact simply based from oppinion. I am an educated 'fool' with hand's on knowledge, friend's & family in the medical and Science carreer, I do my research, so if you still disagree, than please, correct me. [With fact taken from actual M.D.'s, University research/doctors/professors....] I still hope that those of you that do suffer from "pot addiction-like habit" overcome & succeed. Peace & festive jolly-day's to ya'll.

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