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Hi everyone...I am currently taking norco for 2 years. I began w 5 mg and now am up to 30 how ever my script says 2 10 mg a day but I no longer get any pain relief or happy feeling off of 2. Obviously I have become addicted to the euphoric feeling which I find is not even happening on 30 mg....I am finding I wntto take a matter of fact I'm either finding myself angry, frustrated and depressed after an hour or so since it wears off so fast. I am really scared I am heading down hill. I am always tired and only think of the next pill time. I do have a pain problem and never bought pills off the street but understand that this will eventually be my life if I don't do something. Myproblem is that I am terrified of the withdrawal...I am a mom of 2 and cannot disclose thi to my family. They know I take Meds b ut I always act like I would never get addicte...the second problem is I love the 1 hr of relaxing and happiness the pill gives...the mental part. I always had anxiety and he first time I took a hydro I thought it was a miracle...little did I know in less than 2 yr I would be hooked.
Has anyone withdrawn off of 30mg of narco...if so how BAd was it? just need to vent and need some hope...thank you so much!
So happy to hear that... I am he same way, if I have them I will take them. Good luck tomorrow!!! You came a long way in such a short time... Were you taking anything else to help with anxiety or stomach?

[/B][QUOTE=FearANDloathin;5052275]Down to 1 1/2 a day and feeling great however I'm out till Monday so I guess tomorrow will be rough one! If I don't feel too bad on Monday I may not even go to the doctor but I did tt my parents and asked them when I get them to hold on to them and only give me one a day of I need it I knew if I had em all in my possession I'd fail so we will see I'll keep you updated![/QUOTE]
I did not take anything for anxiety no... I did take an extra 1 1/2 today so I had a minor slip up... I'm finally mentally until I actually have time to hang out with friends bc I'm such a shy person they really help me I know I have to get over that an I'm glad that I don't have time to hang out with friends that much... I'll get back on track though tomorrow... When r you planning to quit and are you going to wean off?

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