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Hi Crazy Diamond!!
I was just thinking about what Phoenix said...
Klonipin is something I take for anxiety and bump up slightly when I have withdrawals. It works very well. I've taken it on and off for years with no addictive issues. I believe it is longer acting than Valium and Xanax.
I've taken Valium too, but personally I feel Klonipin is a very better anti anxiety med. Maybe ask your doctor about it? See what his feeling are about that versus valium, as he may have you on that for a specific reason.

Also, I find two other things really help my anxiety...
Hot baths (bubble bath or with epsom salts) can really help relax you as well as help with withdrawals. Epsom salts are made to help with achy muscles.
And... If you have the energy at all, exercise. It will help burn off all that anxiety during the day and leave you a bit more tired at night.
Ill even drink a glass of warm milk at night... that relaxes me too. And I try tomske sure I'm breathing from my diaphragm not my chest. If you focus, you can feel the difference / the switch. And if you practice, you can lessen anxiety by focusing your breathing away from your chest and down to the diaphragm instead.
Just other ideas of non- med options that can help with anxiety. But the Valium you take may not be the exact right drug to help with anxiety. Have a chat with yer doctor and keep us posted!

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