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Hello fellow fighters!
I have been taking 5/500 Hydrocodone since November of last year. I was hitting it hard for a while, but worried what I was doing to my poor liver, as the good feeling was replaced by feeling like dog poop.
I will not share my horror stories but I just started a slow taper, I am currently on a three day taper down schedule. Tonight will begin 1.5 pills per day, which I will take until Wednesday, then drop to 1 pill for three days to .5, etc. Zero
My situation now is mild. I know. But as I “come down” the anxiety is killing me, actually cranking up. I don’t have the usual physical symptoms, some cold sweats. But the racing heart and anxiety are driving me insane.
The other meds I take on a regular basis are Valium and Flexeril. 5mg of Valium twice a day and I usually take the Flexeril at bedtime because it really helps me sleep.
So my dear friends are there or is there anything else I can do to lessen this “creeping malaise” feeling? I am going through? I thought about bumping the Valium up another 5mg to get me through. I have been on this Valium regime for many years, and never abused it.
People are right when they say the closer you get to the end, the worse it gets. I look at the calendar, and the date of my last pill, and it can’t get here fast enough, but the time in-between draws out like a blade.
I really appreciate any feedback, thoughts, etc. I swore I would never take this again, but you have all heard that before.
Thanks people:) I am keeping busy and trying to gut it out. Tapers are so hard. especially if you have extra pills. I am thinking of just throwing those away, but then I worry if I go off the deep end, at the end. Which I do not think will happen, but blessing and a curse.

I am going to ask my P doc about Klonipin. I feel like the Valium is baby aspirin. I am on a low dose, and I think it really does not do much for me as it did before.

I took your advice about the tub. Man I did not want to get out. If I have a moment, I run to the tub. It does feel great!

I went for a walk yesterday, which was great as the weather was perfect, and it really did help to get a better night sleep.

I am also listening to my favorite music, which helps tremendously.

6 more days...then off the taper.

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