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Joseph: I'v never heard of the pain meds your on or a short term or long term narcotic. It seems to me a narc is a narc. long term or short. Addiction can happen with any narcotic. If you think different your fooling yourself. I'm looking lortab 10 up in my pill book. It is another name for hydrocodone or percocet or vicodin. Know I know what it is. Think: IS the pain alwas there or does your brain kick and say TAKE A PILL? I'm sorry if the pain is really there. 3 days is as long as I could go before my brain took over completely.,and there goes a pill weather I needed it or not. There can be some pretty nasty withdrawl effects. The sick feeling starts,then the sweets. With all this your brain is screaming give me more to feel better. You might need some outside help to get through this. Once you do don't let the doctors say. These are different. A narc is a narc. short term or long term. They are all the same. I know about cronic pain and there are ather methods to feel better out there. :eek: I hope I didn't scare you to much. I just want you to know whats going on. I waited for 10 years!!!!!!!!! I wish like hell I'd of seeked help sooned. It's hard but you can do it. There are hospitals that can really help. call around and check out some different treatments out there. Some help with meds, some don't. Some are 14 days, some are longer. Don't wait do it know.. You'll be glad you did. :)

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