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I took Ultram (100-1100mg/day) since 2004. -Today is

Day 110 of my severe Post Acute Ultram Withdrawal Symptoms.

My doctors assured me for eight years that "Ultram isn't

addictive". They lied to me, and Ultram's manufacturers lied

to them.

My worst tramadol withdrawal symptoms: Chronic Insomnia,

chronic tinnitis,(ear ringing, possibly caused by kidney and

adrenal problems-Tramadol damages the kidneys, liver and

brain), horrible depression, explosive and dangerous rages,

irrational fears, complete physical and mental exhaustion at

worst and muscle fatigue at best, extreme mental clouding,

slow thinking, poor judgement, inability to concentrate,

memory loss, nerve pain, digestive problems, liver pain and

awful chills.

What I'm using:

B6-Pyrodoxine HCl.B1-Thiamine, a balanced B vitamin
supplement. My doctor recommended a mix of amino acids to

improve my brain function. I'll let you know how well they

work. I'm still having mental clouding.

Melatonin-My doctor put me on 20mg of Melatonin to sleep.
Dear Friends, I SLEPT FOR 6 uninterupted HOURS LAST NIGHT.

Yippee. What a miracle. It's been over a year since I've

slept that long at one time. Try the "Natrol Brand" chewable

Melatonin. I've had a problem with long delays before

Melatonin worked for me. Don't take Melatonin after 2am, and

becareful. Taking 20mg is enough to knock you out, this

happened to me. The Natrol chewable Melatonin work

immediately and didn't leave me groggy the next day, even at

that high dose.

L-tryptophan(500 mg every 4 hours). L-tryptophan helps me

sleep and eases anger and fear issues. Better ask your

doctor or pharmacist before taking L-tryptophan. (Buy a good

brand with a Lot Number on the bottle. It's available at

Health Food stores-I like the Mason brand).
Check with your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking SSRI

anti-depressants before taking L-tryptophan. I've taken as

much as 6 grams a day to relieve the SSRI withdrawal

Please don't start taking Zoloff or any of the many SSRI

type drugs that many doctors like to prescribe. They are

very addictive to some people and far worse to stop using

than Tramadol.(IMHO-I'm not a doctor)

Valerian Root and/or Passion Flower capsules.
Drink water continually. Water is not tea, soda, juice,

coffee, or beer. Water rinses toxins out, other drinks

don't. Period. I know water is boring, and soda or tea

tastes better but I've had to learn too often that

dehydration causes increased and HORRIBLE withdrawal

symptoms. Don't use anything that will dry out your GI

tract. (alcoholic drinks, heavy starchy or salt foods or

Benidryl or other antihistimines). Keep yourself hydrated so

you can get over the withdrawal.
To those who are in Tramadol withdrawal hell, Ultram can be

long detox process if you were as toxic as I was when I

weaned off Tramadol. In addition to my age and long history

of Ultram use, my liver was the size of a house cat, and I

was addicted to other drugs as well.
I'm finally feeling better than I deserve, considering my

past bad behavior. Please take heart. In the last 100 days

I've seen my withdrawal symptoms go from "continuous" to

"occassional". Recognize that each day the symptoms are

slightly less severe, especially if you were as "addicted"

as I was on these poisonous Tramadol. If I can recover, then

you can recover too.
Even in this agony our bodies are meant to heal themselves

and always move towards health with care and support. The

worse we feel, the sooner we recover from the Ultram

withdrawal. Today is my best day so far. May you recover quickly!

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