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So I have been through my fair share of withdrawals from Percocet! The restlessness, aches, sleeplessness, vomiting etc!! It is pure pure hell. As many of you know when you are withdrawing you will do anything to make it go away!! So I have done tons and tons of research on this and have found a miracle that has worked for me! Last week as I was about to withdraw again I was searching the internet and found this miracle!! You can google this if you want to and read up on it also. Loperamide which is anti-diarrheal medication that I always take during this period because as we all know well it's part of withdrawing! Anyway Loperamide is an opiate but does not cross through the blood /brain barrier meaning you don't get the high feeling from it. I have tried this and it WORKS!!!! The regular dosage is no more than four 2mg pills in 24 hours BUT I had to increase my dosage to get it to work. I have NO withdrawal symptoms at RLS, no anxiety, I slept the whole night, no nothing!! This by no way means that it will cure the mental part of addiction BUT it is a way to manage the withdrawals for a few days to make it a little less brutal. I would recommed doing this for three to five days and the worst should be over. Please read up on it, it worked for me!! :)

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