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There sure are a lot of different opinions about pot here. I smoked every day for 27 years & stopped forever a year & a half ago. I had wanted & tried to stop for many many years but I never could stay away from it for long. I also played with coke & pills but stayed with pot after giving up the harder stuff.

I never had any physical withdrawal symptoms. In fact, I always felt great after stopping but I couldn't get used to being sober so I would try it out again just for one night. Then the routine would continue as it always does - smoke every night until I get burned out again.

I really feel that there is nothing wrong with the average person smoking a little pot every day as long as it is not interfering with their life in any way, shape, or form.

But if you have addiction issues, then I would suggest going to AA or NA to learn how to stay sober. Stopping smoking is easy, I'v stopped a thousand times! But staying sober.. now that's a toughie!

I know now that pot was a gateway drug for me as I tried various other drugs while I was smoking; I tried & got hooked on Quaaludes, then Cocaine, then Valium, then Percocets, then Oxycontin. I kicked all including pot but not Oxycontin. That was the one I could not stop until I went to a detox last July.

I think anyone who thinks smoking pot is harmless or good for you is fooling themselves. A friend once said to me, "reality is for those who can't handle drugs." I didn't know what he meant then but I do now. I cannot do drugs & function as a happy healthy person. I like what some people wrote about pot keeping your mind the same age it was when you first started smoking. How true!! I didn't grow up until I stopped getting high at age 47.

That's enough for now.

Thanks for listening. Gene

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