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[QUOTE=cHeFLuK;5086035]But how can I stop myself at that moment? Is there something I can take?[/QUOTE]

Personally, I think suboxone might help (especially at first), but it seems to tickle the same part of the brain as opiates making the lack of satisfaction more salient/noticeable. The people I know who quit started with subs but only finally quit without them. (Taking subs seems to draw people back to using more often than not.)

Part of addiction (maybe the worst part) is that for some reason the immune system attacks the pleasure center of the brain. This seems to be part of the experience of craving (apparently any kind of severe craving). It can help with this aspect of craving to take magnesium. Magnesium stabilizes twitchy nerves and reduces immune activity. But bear in mind that magnesium can be very imbalancing itself, so only take the smallest amount you find helpful. Or maybe try getting it from food sources, so that it's more balanced with other nutrients (like kelp, chorella or spirulina maybe?)

At the same time, there seem to be a lot of anti-magnesium food components that make cravings much worse. Some ubiquitous offenders here seem to be phosphoric acid (in soda, processed foods), citric acid, xylitol, caffeine and alcohol. You might find you can mostly prevent the worst cravings by avoiding certain things like these.

Very moderate Mg use has a marvelous effect on depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, and all sorts of other things that are often related to substance problems (especially the sensation of craving), but I should explain just how very imbalancing Mg too can be too. (You might be inclined to overdo it without knowing how very important it is to avoid excess.) The directions on a bottle (of Mg alone) actually could be enough to cause imbalance, I have found.

Too much magnesium will seriously depress immune function, which is incredibly bad for health (encourages every illness including especially cancer). But about cancer, very low magnesium is actually carcinogenic as well. (Nutrition gets surprisingly complicated the further one digs down into it. It's all interrelated Goldilocks-components like this.)

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