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Hey Smile, A habitual smoker may find it rlaxing the same way a beer makes an alcoholic more relaxed and feel more even. I do believe that it has it's medicinal purposes.

I have talked with my shrink and he seems to feel quite the opposite that It actually can bring on anxiety attacks and deepen depression.It can make you paranoid and that can be good for someone with an anxiety disorder. But self medication is nothing new. Folks think it works or justify their use for whatever reason. You can find medical literature that supports just about any theory you could imagine.

Now for Neausea,Glaucoma, Iritable bowel and Chronic pain it does have it's place. It was recently legalized in Canada for medicinal purposes. If a doc prescribes you are allowed to posses ,grow and smoke up to a certain amount. Grow something like 12 plants and carry an ounce or two . But your reasons are not clear for your wanting to smoke. I think this forum is for folks that are trying to get clean and are looking for support in their efforts.

You may want to ask your question on the Chronic pain forum if you asking about it's use in pain. Good luck, David

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