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Hi Alex

Welcome. :-)

Sounds like you have dependence on the Vicodin, which happens to anyone taking an opiate for an extended period of time. Tolerance builds and we need more and more of the drug to get the same effects.

I do believe detoxing from the Vicodin at home is feasible, but only through a slow taper. The rule of thumb is to cut only 10% of the total daily intake at a time, take 10-14 days to level off and then make another cut. Each cut is taken from one of the daily doses. There will be some withdrawal symptoms, but no where near the degree of what occurs with going cold-turkey and just totally stopping all of the Vicodin in one shot. Also, by tapering slowly, the body and brain restore bit by bit and the end of the taper is no where near as hard as cold-turkey endings.

Personally, I do not think it is overkill to detox in a medical facility. They will help you through the physical part of it all. Please understand though, that detoxing this way is going cold-turkey and there is always some emotional aftermath with anxiety and depression. The physical withdrawal symptoms usually peak around day 5 and then start to abate. They can be pretty rough.

We each have to figure out the plan that will work for us best. Tapering does take a lot of discipline. Once we make a cut, that's it, it's made. We stay there until we level out and do not go back up on any dosage we have cut.

Talk to your prescribing dovctor and let him know what is going on. Nothing to be ashamed of, Alex, nothing at all. We are all scared when we know it is time to do something. I truly understand this. :-) However, because so many of us [U]have[/U] accomplished it, then we know it [U]can[/U] be done.
It is all a process with a beginning and an [U]end[/U]. Stay with us and let us know what you decide and how you are doing.


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