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Hi - new to this group! Take 45mg Remeron and 1.5 mg Ativan - both at night - for 13 years (ok, you can get off the floor!). I was having terrible panic attacks and anxiety -haven't had an attack in years. I just kept letting the docs tell me I needed to keep taking this stuff. Life is great now - finally divorced! happy and able to manage my stress. I see a behavioral therapist who arms me with all kinds of goodies (breathing exercises, etc.) .! I have tried unsuccessfully numerous times to get off ativan. Well this time I mean it and I am doing it! My psych who writes my scripts always tells me to up my dosage when I am having a hard time with my taper so needless to say, I need someone who will partner with me. Very hard to find a doctor close to me who is in my medical plan. Well, I am now down to 1 mg of ativan. I started my taper 1 week ago, did one week at 1 1/4 then just went down to 1 mg. I probably should have stayed at 1 -1/4 for another week, but now that I am at 1 mg wondering if I should just stay there. I take melatonin now which really helps me out with my sleep. I am going to be 50 - so I think I am going through the big M too - lots in my court right now! I don't want to taper with valium - but want this stuff out of my life. Need advice as to how long each taper should last, how much I should go down by, and when should I take it. Mentally I take it at night - I know it's not a sleep med, but my brain thinks it is. I feel like a prisoner to this medication, take it every night at the same time - just hate it! Can anyone help? Thanks!!

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