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Okay, I'm not a terrible addict, but I am an addict. Actually ~ I don't think there's a difference, an addict is an addict. I am 25 yrs old and I take approximately 5 Vicodin HP's a day. I take them in halves to make them stretch out til my next appt. I suffer from nerve damage and was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis about a year ago. So I do need the Vicodin for pain and they do help. However, if I run out, I feel miserable, no energy, bad ~ irritable mood, looking for anything with hydrocodone to substitute. I am dependent on Vicodins for energy. Does anyone have any suggestions on an energy supplement? I would really like to get away from the hydrocodone. I have been taking Vicodins for 5 years now and I know my liver can't be great. If you add the Vicodins that I have taken over that period of time, 5 years times 5 a day ~ that's 9,125 Vicodins in my system!!! Damn! I don't get high or take 5 pills at the same time, I just take 1/2 at a time to get a little energy burst. But it used to be a total of 2 pills a day, now it's 5. I don't want it to continue increasing. Any suggestions for an energy supplement? Your comments are appreciated! Thanks!

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