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I have been taking 8-Norco a day for the past, well at least 6-8 years…scary to put that in writing! I have a great opportunity to spend about a year in Europe and I don't want to spend it trying to figure out how to maintain my addiction. I did it last time I was in Europe and it was so stupid…not to mention expensive!! So, last Sunday, I went from 8-pills (2-every 6-hours) to 6-pills (2-every 8-hours)…then Wednesday...I now have 50 pills left..., I went from 6-pills to 4-pills (2-in the morning and 2 at night)…yesterday I went to 3.5 pills (1.5 in AM and 2-at night) and I was going to go to 3 on Tuesday…Friday, 2.5, Monday, 2 and then Thursday to 1…until they are gone which will be monday if my calculations are correct…but they could be wrong, because today, I'm having a bad day and going from 4 to 3.5 has been the hardest jump… Thank goodness I have my boyfriend holding the pills or I would have already given up!! He kicked cold turkey about 14-years ago. So, while I appreciate his help, it annoys me when he says, "if you just go cold turkey, the worst will be over in about 3-4 days…but you're just dragging it out"… I swear, I'm not a violent person, but I want to tell him to STFU and punch him in the face!! That being said…I know that I could not go C/T, because I can barley handle these W/D issues!! I really have no one to talk to and found these boards, so I thought I would ask for advice. If you're going to advise me to go to NA meetings, I know I won't do it… Groups just aren't my thing and while I know it is a great organization…it's not for me. My thoughts aren't usually rambling, so I'm sorry, but my head is cloudy right now and I can't focus…yeah me is how I want to feel, but all I feel us UGH!!

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