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Apr 2, 2002
hi. you sound exactly like me about 4 months ago. i know that weed is not supposed to be addictive, but i couldn't get enough of it. i got so bad that i was basically high for an entire 3 months. i would wake up in the morning and smoke first thing. sometimes at work, and always every night. after a while like this i realized that i was smoking so much because it relieved the depression and horrible anxiety i had been suffering from before i started smoking. in effect, i was self-medicating just to feel normal. i ended up quitting smoking because it started to cause me to have panic attacks. even though i haven't smoked in a couple months i still suffer from panic attacks, and my depression is back threefold. i will be starting to take paxil soon, which i should probaly have done a year ago instead of turning to pot. but i didn't realize i even had a problem.

my advice to you would be to really think about why you somke. if you are self-medicating for an underlying issue such as depression or anxiety - the pot can only make things worse in the long run, i promise you. take it from someone who has been there. i know that most people do not react badly to pot, but you sound so much like myself that i am worried for you. when i stopped smoking my brain seemed to crash into a rut that i have not been able to get out of since. i thought that this would never happen to me, i thought that i was just having a good time, but now i can barely leave the house without having a panic episode - and if you have never had one just imagine the worst feeling you have ever had and multiply it by a million. i am not trying to scare you, but i believe that pot is a horrible substance for anyone who has a serious emotional problem to use.

if you only feel "happy" when you smoke, then go talk to a counselor. it is not the pot, but there may be something wrong with your brain the other 90 % of the time.

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