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[QUOTE=leciajw63;5149772]I have been on suboxone for about 3 months now. My current dosage is 8mgs per day. It definitely helps with opiate cravings (I really don't have any at all) & once I wake up & get moving & take the suboxone, I do actually feel good enough to carry on with my day. BUT, I am experiencing severe pain, tingling & numbness in my arms & hands. It mainly occurs at night when I'm sleeping, or trying to sleep. The pain is worse than any pain I have ever experienced. The only way that I can describe it is that it feels like my hands & arms have been lit on fire & while aflame, someone shot them!!! Seriously, it's affecting my entire life. It takes hours for it to go away after I wake up & I wake up crying & moaning in excrutiating pain. I'm wondering if anyone else that is taking suboxone is experiencing the same thing. I have actually just had carpel tunnel surgury on my left hand & am scheduled to have the right hand done next Tuesday. Of course that is what the doctor says is going on with me. I eagerly had the surgury only to wake up with the same pain. I don't know what to do. I don't even know which doctor to talk to about it, my primary care doc, the surgeon or the doc that prescribes the suboxone... Help! If anyone is going through this please respond to my post. I am desperate...[/QUOTE]
I have been on Suboxone 1 month and have been having the SAME PAIN my description felt like my arm was going through an old fashion ringer on washing machine and then when it got to the hand it felt like it was in a vice being sqeezed! My hands were swelling so big at night that no rings would fit til afternoon. My nuckles were white because of the swelling but this was all the next morning after the severe pain. I went to Nurologist and had an MRI but didn't find anything. I stopped the Sub for 1 week and it did not occur anyomore. Two days after starting Sub again it all returned! I am convinced it is the Sub and I am stopping it completely! I can not endure the pain this has caused.

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