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My husbands Mother moved in, she was emancipated and got evicted. She hadn't eaten in weeks or taken a shower, she has arthritis and is also very depressed and talks to herself all day. We are in the process of getting her benefits and making appt. for the doctor, she needs pain medicine and also something for her depression. She will not admit to her alcoholism although she drinks vodka all day long and has for 30 years. We know that antidepressants don't mix well with alcohol. She is in denial and thinks she can live by herself, I would say she is legally incompetent. So, for my question?? Has anyone got any advice on how to wean her from the vodka? Will these even work? Is it possible without putting her in the hospital? I have heard that people have done this, we know it could be somewhat dangerous. Should we just ask the Dr. when we take her? She doesn't think she has a problem, but to me she is schizophrenic. We don't want to jeapordize her health. We have been feeding her trying to get her body used to food instead of living on vodka. She is very depressed and came from a battered backround. My husband and I don't drink. Any advice or has anyone made an attempt to doing this? Thanks in advance.

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