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Hello Barb

Glad to meet you~~welcome to the board. :-)

I have withdrawn from the benzo Xanax after using (and then abusing) it for many years. Yes, we have to be careful, but it is so within our ability to do. Truly.

The "standard" rule for withdrawaing from a benzo is to never make higher than a 5-10% cut from one dose at a time. We make a cut, wait 10-14 days to stabilize and then make another small cut on another dose.

Making the cuts will require breaking pills and even smashing them to measure our an appropriate dose. Sometimes we have to eyeball the amount, but I never had an issue getting near enough to make it workable.

We have to do it slow, slow, slow. This not only minimizes withdrawal symptoms, but also ensures our safety. I worked out my withdrawal plan with my family doctor.

Things that most helped me:
Sharing with my hubby and friends here on the board

Changing my thinking and understanding that instead of "withdrawal" symptoms, I was experiencing the symptoms of my brain and body healing.

Remembering that it took me a long time to get where I was and that getting off would take time also

Measuring in progress, not time.. there were a couple of times when I had to wait close to 3 weeks to feel strong enough to make the next cut. Not a big deal, I was still making progress.

Wishing you well and hope to see an update from you.

With all hope

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