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Oxycoton addiction
May 13, 2002
hi, i'm looking for any information about oxycoton and oxycoton addiction. my mother was addicted to percocet for over 10 yrs. she has chronic pain due to a car accident. she has been clean from that for about 5 yrs. i just discovered that she has been taking oxycoton for the last yr. as perscribed by her dr. this is the same dr. that had her on percocet for all those years. she tried to stop taking it and went through some wild withdraw...i've never heard of this drug, but what she tells me it does for her is contordicting...example: she says she has been using it to give her energy, but at the same time she needs it to sleep? also she says that it's not helping the pain in her lower back (the original injury was her neck), oh and it helps ease her leg spasms (but it isn't a muscle relaxer)? i'm really confused and scared for her -- can anyone give me any information on this drug, its effects, and how to help her get off it? thank you.

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