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Dear Sar, I'm right here with you hun, believe you me, I know exactly where you're coming from, even about the Drs. After my Dr. got me hookedon VicodinES, Fiorinal, Perc's and pills to wake up, go to sleep, help me stop going to the bathroom, and help me go to the bathroom, she kicked me to the curb because I overdosed on Heroin...(The pills just didn't work for me anymore, I got ammuned to them)I too am in constant chronic pain due to O/A, R/A, Fibromyalgia, back durgery, another buldging disk, and Piriformis Syndrom. Thought you heard it all right? I'm also being tested for MS and Lupus)Oh yeah, I know pain, anyway, I went on the Methadone Clinic and am now at a whopping 220 mgs. I honestly NEVER thought, or wanted to go there, or get that many mgs., but, believe it or not, I'm still in pain. I have no idea what to do, except to try the vitamin withdrawel that Navalhawk suggested. I will try anything at this point. I am able to get take homes, so, it's easier than going to the clinic everyday, and maybe it will be easier for me to stop.You know what I mean? Anyway, Keep the Faith, God Bless, and let me know how you're doing, as I will you,o.k. Take Care! Dawnette (Sid444 on the boards) See ya!

hey guys,like dawnett and navalhawk i'll try anything at this time, are you taking the vitamins at the same time as stepping down or while in full withdrawel. dawnett ii total understand where your coming from, i can't beleive how i have allowed the dr.s to destroy my life,and whats worse is they don't have the faintest idea about methadone here in ohio, i switched pain clinics 3mos. ago in hopes of being put on something thats easier to come off and when i was due to refill i called hoping to get a script for something else but resigned to being stuck w/ meth again, instead the nurse tellls me the dr. wants me off meth, i said fine so do i what are you going to give me, her reply was nothing. i was speachless, she treated it like it was a vicodan withdrawal told me to take 3 one day 2 the next then one and that i would fill fine in 5 days, i told her that they where idiots and of course had to run back to the meth dr. I am going to see a new family dr. on friday and the point i'm at is i want them to switch me to a codiene type for pain and then i can come off of them over the next 3mos. while building my pain tolerance. I have no energy anymore, for me to do the dishes and then cook dinner is an awesome task, i'm not even at a dose that i can function anymore if i lower it by even 5mgs i start to shake and this is how my dr. has kept me for 5 mos now.. i will not allow this to go on i am so tired of being changed to a pill bottle i want my life back and i don't even mind if i have pain but not like the pain these pills have caused which is falll o0n the floor nonfunctioning pain, but the pain i had before this all started i'd trade it back in a haert beat. dawnett that 220mg ii read your on scared me i've never been on more then 50 and i cant' get off. but i stoppped the percs, and oxys, i was on 200mg alll together when the c/d got to bad on thoseand i stoppped them at home. and i thought that was bad withdrawel at the time, but i would trade anything for that again, methadone has kicked my buutt and i can't do it. its nice to no i'm not alone, but i'm sorry that anyone else would have to struggle w/ this. i'm going to check into the vitamins right now, please keep me posted on how its going w/you guys,oh and navelhawk is this your first withdrawel or have you tried before? love sara oh can we put are email address on here for each other or is that not allowed?

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