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Hi Mom

Welcome. :-)

I can certainly understand your concerns here. Tough position to be in.

While I did not need a surgery after detoxing and recovering from my opiate abuse, I did have a couple of medical issues come up where there was no choice but to have strong pain intervention with opiates.

For me, it did not become a problem. In recovery, our thinking should be changing concerning opiates. Hopefully our brains have learned to see opiates as a necessary pain relief, but not as a drug to hide in. In my medical issues, I too the prescribed drugs and saw them very differently than before. I used them to curb the pain and tried to extend the time allowed on the script as long as I could. Since stopping the opiates that were a daily part of my life for more than 15 years, I have come to realize how much an aspirin or Tylenol can really do to help pain subside.

I was also very open and honest with doctors treating me, telling them that I had withdrawn from all opiates. I felt it was a check on myself in letting them know this. Not one of them batted an eye.

I am sorry about the upcoming surgery. :( However, don't deny yourself relief when needed. Use the tools you learned in your detox and recovery. They are lifelong tools for us.

Wishing you well

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