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good morning all. I hope you are all doing well today. I'm in day 6 now and still going. I got the calls yesterday from my connections ........."100 lortab 10's just came in, how many do you want??" and then another with morphine.......I went on the run and took a friend that I used to use (abuse) with all the time (who is not interested in stopping by the way) introduced him to the connection and walked away empty handed. A very proud moment for me.
Last night was wonderful being able to sit with my son and study spelling words, able to sit still, concentrate and pay more affectionate attention to him. He made his first "A" on his test today in a while. I had never noticed just how much it affected EVERYONE in my life.
collinsdad - good luck weaning....Does your family or partner (if applicable) know about your habit? The hardest thing I did (besides the heebie geebies) was tell my girlfriend about my problem, I was ready to get reamed but she fully supported me, made up excuses for me to everyone as to why I was never around and made the detox tea and food for me....everything while I was home in bed and pacing the house.
I felt like crap slowing down but while your starting to feel like crap imagine how it would have felt if you did it cold turkey from the high numbers instead. I was abusing for close to a year and I only had 5 days of heebie geebies, I know it's just the beginning of the journey, but it was the hardest for me. Day 6 I'm feeling even better, still a little fatigued but since no more shaking, chills and spasms I started caffine intake again. A little more that usual but got me up and moving and didn't make me feel bad.
I think you'll definately need a sedative- (I in NO WAY want to suggest more pills to get off of others so BE CAREFULL if you do, but it made me feel like I wasn't going to die. I am hoping tonight to sleep with no xanax.
Off to my first productive day with NO opiates, thank you everyone and please hang in there, if I can do it YOU CAN DO IT!

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