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Jerri & Squirrel,
Thank you both for the vote of confidence, and for supporting me. I had an awesome weekend! My boyfriend and I spent the whole weekend together, strolling the beach, eating out, and just spending some real quality time together. And, I've gone 3 days now without a cigarette! I did cheat a couple times with some nicotene gum, but feel like I can beat it now. We spent a long time talking, and though I did not tell him about my visits in Rehab or self destructive behavior while I was drinking, I did tell him the reasons behind my last failed marriage and that alcohol did play a part. But I also made it clear that I no longer use alcohol to solve my problems and that it had been almost a year since I was last intoxicated. I did tell him that there were things I probably would never talk about just because I needed to put them behind me and get on with my life, guilt free. He was really sweet and understanding and did not push anything. I asked me if I used to smoke or use drugs, I said yes and left it at that.
I am so head over heals with this guy and I know I need to be carefull but he seems so good for me. He is so healthy, and wants the same. I really feel more confident in myself than i ever have.
Thanks again you guys for listening!

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