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My boyfriend has been on vicodin for five years. They are doctor prescribed for neuropathy, 3-4 a day of 10 mg. He doesn't exceed the prescribed dose, but he does drink nightly and the combination scared me to death. I've done quite a bit of research on opiate addiction and secretly counted his pills each night and morning to make certain he wasn't taking too many. This week he has spent in detox (yeah!) quitting the alcohol. His doctor feels he needs to continue the pain medication so we are going on his advice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
Last Thursday morning, my best friend, whom I knew liked to take vicodin, but didn't realize it was a problem, came by for coffee. She went to the bathroom before she left. As I had counted my boyfriends pills earlier that morning I knew there were 42 in the bottle. He was still in bed asleep.After she had left I went in to take my shower and when I opened the medicine drawer to get something, I noticed the level of the pill bottle had decreased considerably. In counting the pills, I found she had stolen 14 of them. This is my best friend. During further research, I found stated that if the addict cannot get the pills from their doctor, the first place they go is "other people's medicine cabinets." It finally occured to me why she cleaned other people's houses when she has a husband who makes over $100,000. a year.
This has broken my heart. Are there others out there who have resorted to stealing from other people's medicine cabinets? I try to tell myself that this was not my friend who stole from me, but the addict. Vicodin is a very scary drug.

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