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I'm no expert, but I DO know from my own personal experiences that too much beer, or even a few for me, causes me to have heart palpitations. And contrary to most people's beliefs, it will screw up your sleep patern as well, even prevent you from entering the stage of sleep that is really restful. I'm having a problem right now, as I have posted under another topic, with Ambien withdrawal. A drug prescribed to me FOR sleep so that I CAN. desperate as I am to get a good night's sleep, I won't resort to drinking to "get tired" because I know that it sort of backfires on me. Believe it or not, Tylenol PM's or Benadryl does that same thing to me......makes me feel really drugged and tired but I never really go into a real sleep and I feel worse for the ware. I've seen a cardiologist several times over the years for my palpitations, and he says that I'm just one of those people who are very aware of "skipped beats" or "palpitations".......most people have them all the time and just don't seem to focus on it like I do. I get them alot when I'm overtired, or when I drink, and I hate it. Have you ever asked your doc about yours?

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