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You have the IDENTICAL problem I had! What U do not need to do [what I did] is get on Methadone maintance program, If I knew now what I thought I knew then, It only takes about 7 rough days to get off VicodinES, Even the amount your taking, But You HAVE to monotor your blood pressure, and take something to help your stomach out, you WILL be VERY sick by the 3rd day, BUT look at it this way, if you can get through the 3rd through the 7th day, you will be getting back to normal, I didnt listen to my Dr. He gave my blood pressure medication, phenergan supositors - for the stomach aches] and xanax to help, but he said I had to quit taking the vicodin cold turkey and take those 3 medications and then the withdrawls will not be as hard on me, BU TNO, I HAD TO GET ON METHADONE! BIG NISTAKE! It is 101% harder to get off, you cannot just go cold turkey, or u will die, it is 100% more addictive that vicodin, they [ at the methadone clinic] had me believeing that my withdrawls will go away, yes they did, but I was substituting the methadone for the vicodin, If I was in your shoes [I wish I was just addicted to Vicdin and NOT methadone] I would take the medication your Dr gave u, and go through 1 week of withdrawls, then you will be off of the crap, and GO TO SUPPORT AGROUPS, addiction is 90% only in your mind, 10% of it is ONLY the PHYSICAL part. It is true, try this my friend, and do not screw-up like I did, It will only take you a 7 day week to do this! and you can do it!!!!

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