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Hi there Princess!
If you do some research on this drug you will find that this drug is the same as lortab, vicodin,etc. Just a different name is all. I myself having gone thru withdrawl from hydrocodone (the opiate in these pills) can tell you that I know what you are going thru and whats to lie ahead. It's no fun and the withdrawls can seem a bit overwhelming at times. Rest assured, you should start feeling better by the 6th or 7th day. In my experience, the worst day is the 3rd. Thats when everything bad starts to really kick in. The depression especially. Along with the flu like symptoms. Sometimes people start to experience these sooner. Just depends on the person is all. For my husband it was almost instantanious. Right from the start he would feel just flat out terrible. I seemed to handle it a bit better. The sleepless nights will unfortunately last a little longer...even after your feeling better. But you will sleep again. This will be a life long struggle for you once you get past the withdrawls. I have been "clean" for 6 months now and I still have my bad days. In fact, i think about it at least once a day. "Just this one time isn't gonna hurt me" has crossed my mind countless times. Coming home from work and still having a million things to do with absolutely no energy at all.......sure would be nice "just this one time". It's getting thru those thoughts and not dwelling on them thats the hardest part. When you constantly think about it is what will get you in trouble. If you feel this starting to happen, clean the house or go for a walk or drive or something. Anything to get your mind somewhere else. Even if you dont feel like it DO IT ANYWAY. Chances are you will feel much better about things. It does get easier though. The good days will soon out weigh the bad. Those bad days will sneak up on you just like the addiction once did. Be ready. Keep a strong head and think about how hard it was getting to the point your at now and do you really want to go thru it all over again? The withdrawls........the's just not worth it. Remind yourself on these bad days of what life was like with the pills and how much better life truly is without them. Beware of doctor visits such as the dentist. You will NEVER be able to take another opiate again. This may sound a little off the wall but it's so true. I have had a bad tooth for months now and still haven't had it taken care of because i know I am still not strong enough to go into that dentists office and refuse the percocet I know he will give me for having this tooth pulled. Sure, I can go in and say I am a drug addict and then their definitly wont be a problem, but I can't do it yet. Little things like this you'll find will be added to the list of obstacles you'll have to overcome and deal with.
Sorry to keep going on and on about this. I understand too well what your going thru. When you hear people say "Take it one day at a time" just that. It's some of the best advice you can get.
Good luck and I hope to hear from you soon.........


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