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[QUOTE=David714;5244876]Couldn't figure out how to directly reply fast to the post on the doctor stopping the Clonadine for the patient detoxing, but not completely off yet. Hope you get this. First I got so upset reading your post and some others on Suboxone detox that I joined the forum. The first time ever for me.
My advice for you and that doctor. Call him back and ask him if he can say the term,"Abandonment of treatment,?" The only basis he could use would be you manipulating him for controlled substances such as Suboxone, Clonadine is not a controlled substance. I wish it was me because I would go to the yellow pages and find the best malpractice law firm in the book and sue.
Let me qualify. I started abusing narcotics in the early 70s and spent the next 27 years hooked on Heroin/Methadone and alcohol, many times all at the same time, but mostly heroin and booze every day, no breaks, no jail just one long nightmare. I used to say that it was one hell of a party for the first 7 years, it was just the last 20 years that sucked really bad, spending the majority of the time in withdrawal more sick than I thought the human body could be and still be alive (Heroin and alcohol) withdrawal at the same time since being so dopesick made it impossible to hold down a drink I would go into DTs at the same time. I am sure real death would be much less painful.
In 1996 after dozens of narcotic and alcohol detoxes I finally got clean and got into AA/NA, mostly AA for sanity sake. I was 100% clean no slips no mistakes for almost 7 years in recovery, not just dry real recovery, changed EVERYTHING about my life, went back to college and eventually to Harvard where I did my graduate work, then went on to a make a living with the largest IT Corporations in the world and have spent the past 8 years lecturing and teaching internationally. raised my two sons in a real nice neighborhood with real nice schools got my family back and life was great. At around 7 years in I injured my shoulder while working out with weights, trapped a nerve and ended up in extreme pain. Nothing short of Vicodin could help and they could not operate without a better than even chance of leaving me with a useless right arm. After a year of Vicodin I had had it and got onto the Suboxone program. Started at 4mgs now its 24mg. Tried detoxing myself early on but could never get past the last 1 mg. I finally resigned myself to permanent maintenance. The first dose had me say to myself,"This is a miracle drug," which followed very fast with,"Its a Morphinan," (Opiate) no matter what, the day will come when the dose will max out and my tolerance will have me sick and on the highest dose. Well guess what. It's happened. I wake every morning dope sick and have to keep the bottle next to the bed so when I open my eyes sick and cant get out of bed I take one go back to sleep for 45 minutes or so the wake up again normal and start the day. Obviously as time goes on even that wont work. I have been on for over 9 years now since it came out. My own psychiatrist wouldn't believe at first that it was happening even though I told her it would years ago. Not psychosomatic others on as long as me are having similar problems. When we were talking last appointment she said well we can start Clonadine in the morning soon. Thanks but no thanks. Yes it works and yes with your history and doses and situation you should be on it under the care of a doctor for at least a month after your last dose of Suboxone. As for me I was shocked to find out that other doctors had been looking at my case and planned on trying to get me to agree on getting back on Methadone maintenance for the rest of my life. There is no other option for me, the long lasting post withdrawal would leave me unable to do my job so I will have to go back to a drug far worst than Heroin. I spent the better part of 11 years on Methadone. Throw away you emotions, your sex life and tie yourself to a program that forces you to come in every few days. DO NOT end up like me!!! Find some doctor who is addiction savvy and get some Clonadine, get off the Suboxone before it is too late. Use a 12 step program for at least a year or so, staying clean without daily support is so very, very hard,. My heart is with you. Don't let anyone con you into continuing on Suboxone unless you are OK with taking it to the end of your life or it stops working. This is the experience of Junkie, Pharmacologist and lifelong opiate addict that has tried every conceivable treatment from Therapeutic Communities, detoxes, many inpatient trips, Doctors, Specialists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Self Help Books then finally found something that worked. A 12 step program with my mind completely open to what they had to say. And for those that think its brainwashing...I certainly needed nothing less. Good luck, you will be in my prayers.
David L.[/QUOTE]

Hello, I am new here, and wanted to post my story. Im 50 yrs old, and was taking 6mg of suboxone every day for 8 straight years. Long story sort, I ran out of money, and had no choice but to quit cold turkey. It put me in the hospital for 4 days, and they sent me home with 14 day supply of trazadone, to sleep. Today is day 20 of being clean. But I have terrible PAWS. The 3 worst things are depression, insomnia, and restless leg. My appetite is great, and I eat 3-4 times a day. No stomach or bathroom issues. Just the above 3 and thats bad enough. I fear that my 8 years of usage may have caused some permanent brain damage, since my brain seems to not be creating seratonin just yet. One would think after 20 days, that I would be able to sleep on my own, but I tried it again without the trazadone, and it didnt work.
I hope and pray that I didnt quit suboxone too late.

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